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New construction replacing a 40-meter tall steel lattice mast


On behalf of DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH, EQOS Energie has realised a 40-meter tall steel lattice mast with a five-meter attachment tube to replace an existing antenna support of a mobile communications base station. As general contractor, EQOS Energie was in charge of the entire planning stage, all building application processes, construction management, coordination and realisation of the project. In addition, the company is responsible for mast positioning and the installation of the antenna system.

The objective of the new and higher steel lattice mast is to achieve a larger connector area (new cf*A = 21 m²). As a result, more antennas can be mounted and more frequencies can be offered in the future. Furthermore, additional mobile communication stations of other operators can be realised. The constant changes in the size and weight of the antennas compared to the old ones were also considered during the planning of the new steel lattice mast.

The new lattice mast was constructed in direct proximity to the existing radio mast. The new foundation for the replacement construction was executed as a bored pile foundation due to the local conditions. A drill rig was used to produce a bored pile with a depth of 13 metres and a diameter of 1.5 metres. Subsequently, EQOS Energie realised the technical foundation and the access road as well as the infrastructure for the mobile telecommunications operators who will use this radio mast in the future. Based on the bored pile, the mast was set up and fitted. Based on the expansion of the property, the exterior system was newly set up and equipped with an extended fence. In addition, the wiring of the antenna system was prepared and the existing GMS system of DFMG on the new radio mast was put into operation. After the system technology swap of the LTE800 and the UMTS system on the new mast, which was performed by the mobile communications operator himself, the project was concluded with the disassembly of the old radio mast.

The project

Overview of services

  • Basic evaluation, construction inspection
  • Development of the preliminary planning, design and execution planning, cost estimates
  • Generation of the building application and support for the building application process until building permit is issued
  • Execution of construction including including urban land-use planning/construction coordination, development of specifications
  • Inspection, documentation, correction of faults

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