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Mobile telephony

Turnkey solutions for the best 5G service

Our service portfolio in mobile telephony creates the basis for digitisation and enables communications in real time. This also facilitates easier coverage in difficult spots such as “urban canyons”.

Permanent availability is a basic prerequisite in our modern society. Increasingly fast data transfer is another user requirement. In the future, 5G will therefore be indispensable. Over time, connections must be created not just for “blind spots” but also for existing locations within the current mobile communications network. These must be either maintained or relocated. With our pioneering knowledge from the early days of mobile telephony and our profound technical expertise, EQOS Kommunikation is the perfect partner: From site acquisition and development through engineering and steel construction to site realisation and connection, we offer turnkey solutions for your complex mobile communications projects.

Your mobile telephony benefits with us

Independent of manufacturers and system technology suppliers

Knowledge advantage through pioneering work in building infrastructure

Authorisation and experience with all network operators

Timely processing of large quantities in the shortest possible time

Highly qualified and experienced in-house staff

Join the leading edge!Efficient work thanks to in-house steel constructionMESPROVE

Join the leading edge!

Join the leading edge!

In Austria, we successfully installed the first truly connected 5G network by mid-2019. For the 5G start of Hutchison Drei Austria in Linz, we equipped 20 transmission facilities in the city centre with 5G and networked them via fibre optics and radio relay upgrades with the necessary bandwidth accordingly. In doing so, we successfully implemented the customer’s concept and planning requirements – from planning, permitting and construction to technological integration.

5G is considered a revolutionary boost to innovation for digital factories, autonomous vehicle guidance and the Internet of Things (IoT). Based on 5G, digital factories will be able to fully connect computers, machines, vehicles, robots and production lines in the future and be able to control them from anywhere thanks to data transmission in real time and virtual reality solutions.

Efficient work thanks to in-house steel construction

We manufacture your steel components: All in all, we can already look back on 25 years of expertise in this field. Our trained steel constructors weld statically relevant constructions at the highest level of quality. Today, steel construction is part of the turnkey services in our mobile phone projects. Our teams manufacture highly flexible infrastructure for you - from individual add-on parts to complex site-specific roof structures or complete masts.



With MESPROVE, EQOS Kommunikation engineers and technicians have developed a user-optimised software for the analysis and documentation of HF and OTDR measurement curves. For measurements on site, there is a neuronal AI module that provides fully automated support for measurement assessments. With this tool, measurement curves can be evaluated on site at construction sites and corrections can be made directly there. A directory tree facilitates the clear-cut management of even large quantities of data. MESPROVE can be used with all common types of measuring devices with a single user interface.

Are you interested in MESPROVE?

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