Pole construction

Pole construction from conceptualisation to commissioning

More than 1,000 successfully constructed poles and towers speak for themselves.

Digitisation relies on mobile communications. 5G will open up a new world of communications that will bring about another quantum leap in usage. Both machinery and self-propelled vehicles will be networked. For this to function, we will need an even better mobile communications network as well as additional poles.

With almost 30 years of pioneering knowledge in mobile communications, EQOS Kommunikation is an expert in the German and Austrian markets when it comes to the independent development of new, economically and technologically efficient poles and towers. Our engineering will use your formats to plan poles or towers for roofs, silos, church steeples or wind turbines and mobile communication poles and overhead line towers as well. You can opt to receive your steel construction drawings in 2D or 3D. But that’s not all: We also implement these plans – even for high-volume rollouts.

You benefit from the bundled knowledge of the entire EQOS Group as far as tunnel power supply, technical railway equipment or the planning and realisation of fibre optic lines is concerned. When can we advise and support you in your tower and pole construction projects?

Your benefits in pole construction with us

Comprehensive presence in Germany and Austria

A partner with authorisation to present building documents

Excellently trained construction engineers and technicians in planning

Practice orientation based on regular climbing training by our planners

Fast supply chains due to own steel production

Service in planning and realisationTower solutions of all typesMobile antenna supports

Service in planning and realisation

Service in planning and realisation

Our experienced engineering team will accompany you from conceptualisation of the entire tower system to coordination with the authorities and property owners. Even during the initial drafting stage for a new tower series, they always keep an eye on economic efficiency and technical feasibility.

Phase 1: Planning

  • Site survey
  • Basic plans
  • Construction
  • Permit
  • Static engineering

Phase 2: Realisation

  • Underground construction
  • Steel construction
  • Electrical installations

Tower solutions

Tower solutions of all types

Every site is unique. We offer you steel tube poles and towers with modular designs and heights, with a variable climbing system and cable ladders to the tip of the pole. This facilitates work in direct proximity to the cable ladder and offers flexibility in terms of the most diverse requirements on site. Our pole types can be used flexibly based on the variable allocation area and tower height as well as various options for the installation of platforms and support pipe for the antennas. Of course, the wind loads resulting from dynamic pressure will figure in our static calculations and constructions.

Tower types:

  • Steel tube tower AEM
  • AEW
  • AEW A
  • AER
  • EGM03 L/EGM03 S>
  • RM L/RM S
  • HRM

Specialised installations and installations by helicopter:

Not all sites can be accessed by vehicles. Even in mountain regions and in difficult-to-access terrain, our expert staff perform pole installations by helicopter deployment.

Mobile antenna supports

Mobile antenna supports

What do you do when you temporarily need more network capacity for an event or modernisation work? The answer is temporary mobile antenna supports special designed by EQOS Energie to maintain network operation.

Specially created for such deployments our systems comply with current national statutory building regulations. Service periods of three months to two years depending on the state and erection site can be achieved with no need for time-consuming permission procedures.

Deployment examples:

  • (large-scale) functions and events
  • building modernisation
  • termination and expiry of usage agreements
  • conversion, optimisation or modernisation of radio sites
  • use as temporary tower
  • network operations following natural disasters

The practical streamlined modular design of the towers and minimum surface area requirements offer many benefits during erection and dismantling. Nevertheless heights of up to 30 metres are perfectly possible. Thanks to mobile bases, foundation expenditure and environmental impact are low.

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